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Always interested in how to advance the medium of colored pencils in this digital world of today.  Here are some categories of where I think colored pencils still hold strong in regards to that specific subject matter and have a future in it.

Animal art-
Very strong, it is something people want and something people buy constantly.  Have not seen many if any digital artist doing pet portraits.  So the market is strong and some people are so talented at making pet portraits with colored pencils it is insane.  So in the future pet portraits will always be one of, if not the strongest point in colored pencil art in terms of selling.  I believe thisl because of the ability to draw fur so well with them.
The Hunter by anniecanjump:thumb307550879::thumb255078811:

Old School Comic or pinup art-
Very nice little niche, one can accomplish and older look and a more traditional look smooth digital art cannot usually.  Not sure of the market but regardless, it is making something others cannot easily with other mediums which helps.  Like the old style of drawing some have and it shows the pencil marks in the work.  Comes off now a days as rustic and aged which is a plus.
:thumb196230283:Stuck in the Middle revised in color by Artman2112Pin Up Series: The Call Of Duty by Somalo1

Custom Portrait-
Will never go away, people will always want a custom portrait of a loved one.  And it brings something other mediums cannot, a single copy, made and given and there it is.  I doubt many would want a digital portrait of themselves or their child but they do want one done the traditional way from time to time.  And if you can draw you will be asked to do these, as awful as some of them might be.  Usually a drawing costs less than an oil painting in terms of time and materials which is a plus as well.
With Honor by xnicoley:thumb325663438:a girl from russia by Zombieyue

Celebrity Portrait-
Always going to be popular and people will always make them.  Not sure how many actually sell well.  They are great to personally have but doubt many actually buy them, still fun to make and practice that is for sure and with the endless supply of images they will never stop.  Plus easy way to get views if the person is popular enough and it is well done enough.  A digital portrait done well of a celebrity just does not bring the same things a traditional one does.
Hayley Williams - Drawing by Live4ArtInLATaylor Swift by True-TearsRachel by Valontine

((((Where traditional colored pencil art will have a hard time playing catchup))))

Comics, cartoons and Illustrations-
Not sure one can achieve what others can digitally, they can change, improve, correct, distort and color better than any traditional medium I feel.  Be in cartoons, anime, erotica, anything they have it digitally and it is hard to compete against it.  Some of the artwork out there looks so realistic, it would be hard for anything to stack up against it.  So in terms of this genre it is hard sledding I feel and will be dominated digitally throughout.  How much faster it is and how much more creative one can be digitally, creating almost anything and being able to correct to the point of perfection and many have.
FisherQueen by pascalblancheImaginary Deviant Heavy Metal by ArtgermLuminae by cellar-fcpturn_off by Agustinus

High Fashion art-
Will be very popular I feel and the traditional aspect to it helps.  Sadly water color art and acrylic painting is kind of taken this over along with the dreaded water colored pencil or what I like to call paint.  Making such beautiful work that is very hard to go up against that are so whimsical, technical yet loose and free flowing.   Just seems to flow and that visual blending really makes it pleasing to look at when there are slight elements of portrait drawing included.  Hard blend and smooth things with just colored pencils but at least the traditional painters got a nitch along with landscape in this.
marilyn monroe in '62 by aramismarronThe Rose by ellejayessPearl Ryukin by PinkParasolPrincess of Roses by rooze23

Not saying any of this is be all and end all stuff, just my observations.  Sure one can break into any of these subject categories and succeed.  Just my two cents on what I have seen around the net regarding these things.  

Kind of a small box that is being put on colored pencils, but there are limitations to the medium and it is hard to find new different ways to break out and make them more wanted, recognizable and free flowing.  Here some of many really outstanding colored pencil works I have found that broke the mold and did something very hard to do and accomplished a much different look with them.
Fairy of the magical forest by RajacennaChristmas by zeldisRenoir by SayuriEyesWhere the wild roses grow by Briscott

So what are you thoughts on this matter?
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AnnemiekedW Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
I loved reading this article :love: Very well written and very interesting :clap: I don't know that much about the coloured pencil world, here in the Netherlands we don't even have all those wonderful magazines they sell in the US, so I'm guessing it's much more popular over there, if I look at supplies as well, I have to order everything abroad, even the paper I prefer :no:

Thank you so much for including some of my drawings :hug:
JeremyOsborne Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
In terms of popularity in sales, in the US it is not all that popular from what I can find. You can buy colored pencils all over the place, but being a respected medium it has a long ways to go. It is as if since children in school are required to get colored pencils before most new school years, it is as if people then assume it is not a respected medium and something only children use.

If one asked me to name the most famous piece of colored pencil art, I could not even think of one example. Really in my view some of the best colored pencil artists in the world have work on this site, because some of the work on here is second to none. Sadly most of the world does not get to see these works for one reason or the next.
AnnemiekedW Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
That's quite sad, I guess I just thought with all the coloured pencils magazines that are for sale (I think there are three different ones on the market) it was really something respected in the US... I guess it's only people who are really into coloured pencils buy those magazines. I've been offered a feature in a new magazine called Mashings, and I believe that one is not just about coloured pencils - so maybe if they do features of coloured pencil artists on a regular basis more people will get to see how wonderful it can be.

It's maybe telling that since I joined here so many people have said, that's really very good, why don't you try painting, pastels etc you name it, but I'm not interested in all that, I'm not even that interested in graphite anymore, I really love working with coloured pencils :heart:

It's too bad most of the world doesn't know anything about all the amazing coloured pencil art that's here on dA...
JeremyOsborne Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
Yeah it is too bad colored pencils are not respect like paint, if one said I painted this I think it brings more attention and value to it than saying this is a drawing. I still have friends and family members that say have any new "paintings". So it is almost like a relative term, any portrait someone makes is instantly called a "painting" even though it was not made with paint.

With you situation though, like I said in the article, pet portraits are huge and you could make some decent money from time to time with them selling them on Etsy of where ever. People will pay for pet portraits, especially good ones like yours, so that is a plus for those who can create such portraits.
hezoo Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2012   Traditional Artist
This is very interesting to me. I do primarily animal and people portraits but I also do illustrations. Colored pencils look so nice in children's books. I think they appear soft and fuzzy, thanks to the texture created by the paper holes. I do see how in the field of illustration colored pencil has to compete with other mediums, especially digital. It's not as easy to lay down colors as quickly as flood fills...

Oh, and I was thinking about colored pencil in animation. Have you seen The Snowman?
JeremyOsborne Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
You are right, there is a place for colored pencil cartoons as well, and especially in children's books. However with the popularity of digital animation, it will be hard to compete against that. Again going back to people liking that colored pencils at times looks old and interesting. Thus for a book it would be ok, but for animation, that is a harder sell, almost no traditional cartoon movies are made anymore like the old Disney movies. It is all digital animation because it is looks a lot cleaner and one can do more things with it.

You are right though with kids it still can work, with a book illustration using traditional media. But overall with teenagers and adults, I think digital art with take over the gaming world, comic book world, movie world, and animation world and really it already has awhile ago.

One has to really value hand made work on paper one and only one made, and if not digital work is just as good to many and in some cases cheaper to get. Because it is not buying the original it is just like buying a print because it is digital, there is no paper copy original technically speaking.
SayuriEyes Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2012  Professional General Artist
Tahnk you so much!!!!!!!!!It is a honour being futured here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thank you thank you thank you!
oweeilikee Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I suspect that as hobbyist or casual artists find less time and money for their work, color pencil will grow in popularity. One does not have to look very far in order to see the diverse effects that can be had with such an inexpensive and convenient medium.

BTW, your collection of High Fashion is outstanding, Thank you for putting it together.
ActsofArt Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
sounds about right colored pencil is a hard medium to perfect and it's hard to compete against more free flowing mediums. Even custom portraits in my opinion are going to be in more demand from painters.
JeremyOsborne Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
Possibly, but one does have the added cost of painting, willing to spend around $100-$300 with a drawing on a portrait or $300-$600+ painting?
ActsofArt Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
that's true, I guess but I still think there's more prestige to painting. everyone thinks "anyone" can draw. possibly true but they forget that it still takes time and practice.
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